Low histamine Granola recipe

Make your own low histamine gluten free granola

This recipe is quite easy to do but let’s be real : it requires a little time and effort. It’s a great recipe for a make ahead breakfast. Low histamine already-made granola is not easy to find at the store (I have never found any since usually they contain nuts that are high in histamine). The granola made with this recipe is filling and crunchy.

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Kale, Carrot and Apple low histamine smoothie


If you are following a low histamine diet, you are probably frustrated with all the food limitations. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy delicious meal, in this post I will give you a good example with a low histamine juice made with kale, carrot and apple. This smoothie is a great option for a breakfast but also for a snack. It’s also perfect when you feel like you need to get back on track after a “too much histamine crisis”.


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